Choose your VeryPlayer

My Pham


Amazingly talented game developer and a hobbyist octopus farmer. Plans to go to space someday and see if he enjoys floating in space as much as water.

Tan Le


An old soul, Tan Le enjoys playing and making video games of all kinds. He’s managed to beat Super Mario Bros. 3 backwards in near-record time.

Ca Tran


Once known as “The Fastest Gun in the East” in Counterstrike, Ca Tran has lifelong love and experience with video games. His amazing manual dexterity allows him to type 150+ words per minute.

Tien Truong

Game Tester

With an impeccable eye for detail and a penchant for video games, Si Tien’s career path as a game tester seemed to be written in the stars. The gleam in his eye he gets when he finds a bug can light up a whole room — and you should hear how excited he gets when he beats a level on a game.

Tung Phan

Game Server Developer

As an expert in game development and server-side development, Tung Phan fits snugly into his role as a Game Server developer. If an online game needs to be uber responsive, he’s your guy. He’s comfortably found his niche in this, er…niche.

Chau Phan

Game Artist

Chau Phan has loved making art since a young age, so becoming a game artist was a smart way for her to keep developing her expressive side while making a career out of it, too. Being bitten by the art bug was truly a blessing both for her and for us, and we love the work she’s doing.

Tu Doan


Tu Doan has joined our team as a game developer, and makes a fine addition — bringing his fullstack and Unity skills to the court. He can basically play point guard with his well-rounded abilities, helping keep the team moving the right way. Did you gather from this description he’s a basketball fan?

Petr Krasnov

Verysell CFO

Verysell’s very own CFO and legal advisor, with more than enough skill and qualifications to be XO of the Verysell ship.

Angélina Sharipova

Marketing Advisor

With 7+ years’ experience as a Digital Marketer including game companies. 

There’s no I in team, but there’s both an I and a me in “Video Games.” Making games is a team experience, and enjoying them is a personal experience. We love it when these experiences cross over and we help a seriously fun game be born.

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