Customer Support


1. What platforms are your games available on? Can my device run your games?

Our games are available on Android and iOS platforms. That means if you have basically any mobile device, you can play our games. PC owners can also play our games using an Android emulator like Bluestacks; Mac users can play our games on any new Apple M1 chip, since it uses the same architecture as mobile games.

2. Does VeryPlay collect any personal info?

If we collect any personal info from you, it is for internal use only and will not be sold to third parties. If you’re making an account, for example, that’s simply to keep track of your game data.

3. Are there any in-game payments in your games?

We use both Apple and Google in-app purchases (IAP) in our games.

4. How can I contact the team for help?

Feel free to contact if you have questions pertaining to our work. But we won’t give game tips! That’s against the rules.

5. Will I be notified about updates?

Keep an eye on our page for game updates, and check the App Store or Google Play for updates. Critical updates will notify you via the app.

6. Where are your games available?

You can find our games on both the App Store and Google Play.

7. Are your games multiplayer?

Freaking Bombers is currently multiplayer only for now. Our hypercasual games are single-player games.

8. Are there any cheats available for the games?

There are no cheats. We don’t believe in cheats.

9. How can I connect with other people who play your games?

You don’t need to register an account to play. However, you can be prompted to use Facebook login to register and invite your friends to join the game as well.

10. What games does VeryPlay plan to release in the future?

You can expect us to release more hypercasual games as well as add content to Freaking Bombers all throughout the year.

You still need a support, please contact us:

    Got a question? Need some help? Got a comment or find something that needs improvement? Want to know more about our games or our company? We’re a pretty friendly bunch, so feel free to reach out to us here. Let us know what game you’re referencing and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.