Freaking Bombers

  • A Real-Time Multiplayer Game
  • Customizable engine: easy to modify the game graphics and screen orientation
  • Full functional progression system

Partnership with a global publisher

  • PPG (Pay Per Game) + profit sharing
  • Providing a game development team dedicated to exploring new game genres
  • Solutions for challenging issues: optimizing performance in scenes with 800+ 3D objects even on low-end devices, building a new system to tackle Unity’s pathfinding constraint, and creating 1400+ 2D graphic assets in an urgency

Collaboration with a mobile game publisher

  • PPP (Pay Per Prototype) + profit sharing
  • Game design focus
  • Custom APK for creative testing
  • Exceptional success rate confirmed by the publisher

Afrikagames - Yeba

  • An educational gamification project
  • Consulted and implemented UX and Game Design

Wars Across The World

  • Ported from iOS to Android
  • Enhanced UX on iOS and Android
  • Quality Assurance service: Fixed left-over bugs & optimized the overall performance


  • Ported to an Android TV platform
  • Enhanced the UX design for a TV remote controller and a gamepad

I Spy With Lola

  • Recreated entirely the project structure
  • Quality control service: Optimized for low-end devices
  • Game design service: Proposed improvements in the game

Siege Castles

  • Constrainted to keep a small file size with optimized source code

Hyper Shape Blast

  • Rapid hyper-casual prototyping
  • Full creation projects

Hyper Block Puzzle

  • Rapid hyper-casual prototyping
  • Full creation projects

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